in 1998  The FEELFREE kayak was born with its first start in New Zealand. Subsequently, the goal was to build a brand and expand its business in the world market, thus setting up a new production base in Thailand under Joy Sport Company Limited to be the center of production. which was the cornerstone before later expanding to cover the markets in all continents around the world

     During the first decade, the FEELFREE brand continued to develop boats under the concept of “NEW GENERATION KAYAKS”. and meticulousness in design and production (INNOVATION DESIGN & CRAFTMANSHIPS), such as built-in handles (MOLD-IN HANDLE), wheels (WHEEL IN THE KEEL), as well as meticulousness in every production process. It has played an important role in making FEELFREE stand out until it becomes a market leader and continues to expand to various countries in Europe, America, and other continents.

     Until 2007, FEELFREE started a serious fishing kayak development project. The goal is to create a kayak that meets the needs of the best anglers. From the MOKEN, LURE series to the 2018 DORADO 125's BEST PRODUCT OF THE SHOW award at the PADDLE EXPO Germany 2018, this boat represents something new in the kayak fishing industry. world market. FEELFREE also has a number of patents for innovations that are widely recognized.





The extremely stable ANGLER TRI-HULL bilge in the LURE and DORADO 125 series. 



GRAVITY SEAT of LURE, DORADO 125 that has been awarded in the category of INNOVATION from CUSTOMER VOTE of the famous website of the United States. 





DORADO 125, the world's first kayak with electric and foot pedal OVERDRIVE system. and the use of electric motors to drive  including the signal system and power supply systems for use in ships 


FEELFREE currently operates through its main offices (HEADQUARTER) on 3 continents: FEELFREE US LLC. to oversee the US market, FEELFREE EU to oversee the European market, and JOY SPORTS CO., LTD. to oversee the Asian market. and has products under the banner of FEELFREE KAYAKS, 3WATERS KAYAKS, JONNY BATS and SEASTREAM KAYAKS to best serve the needs of every user group.